My Top 10 Quick, Easy and Fun Platinum Trophies

Hello everyone, in this article I will give you my top 10 easy, fun and quick platinum trophies everyone can get.

Now before we start, we need to establish the rules.

  • The games on the list have to be considered good overall.
  • I can’t really recommend something I haven’t experienced myself, so on this list will only be games I personally played and completed.
  • Every platinum trophy should be obtainable within 25 hours of gameplay.
  • Because this is an easy platinum list, no games over 3/10 difficulty.
  • No games with missable trophies.

And remember, this is my personal list, so it’s obviously highly subjective, and since everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I ask you to be respectful even if you disagree. Now without any further ado, let’s dive in.

Number 10 – Spirit of the North

Spirit of the North is a masterpiece in a visual storytelling department. The game itself is beautiful and it has both PS4 and native PS5 versions. Gameplay wise it is a mix of platforming and puzzle solving all wrapped up in a pretty package that you will definitely enjoy if you like that type of games. Platinum will take only 10 hours to achieve and with no missable trophies all you need to do is complete the story, find a reasonable number of collectibles and do a couple of easy tasks. As a bonus, the trophy guide for the game on PSNProfiles was actually written by yours truly.

Number 9 – Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie was available on PS Plus in February of 2021 and it’s a beautiful PlayStation exclusive where you follow a young man named Ash who has a magic brush that makes everything he paints come alive. The game itself is an action adventure and is short and sweet experience. In just 8 hours you will get yourself a very fun platinum, that consists of finishing the story, finding a few collectibles and doing some miscellaneous tasks. Just remember, this game has a free VR only DLC that should take you around 30 minutes to complete, but will be unobtainable for you if you don’t own a PSVR headset.

Number 8 – Maquette

Maquette is another PS Plus title from March of 2021, this time around it was free for PS5 owners, but there is a PS4 version available for purchase. This game is a very fun puzzle game with a surprisingly deep story you uncover while going through it. There are some miscellaneous trophies, but no worries, you have chapter select. The hardest part of the platinum is the need to speedrun all the chapters in the game, which is not hard at all but does require a bit of precision. For me it was very pleasant 5 hours experience that added another platinum trophy to my collection.

Number 7 – The Walking Dead Series

Now I am cheating a little bit here, since there are 4 seasons in The Walking Dead series and you can earn up to 3 platinum trophies for playing them. There is also a definitive edition that combines all the seasons and it has platinum trophy as well.

Now for the game itself, if you are familiar with Telltale games you already know what it’s all about. Your gameplay consists of making choices and there are no collectibles and miscellaneous trophies in the game except for the last season, so all you need to do for a platinum trophy is simply complete the game. By the way, I chose The Walking Dead, but you can easily exchange it for Wolf Among Us or Batman series, since they were at least on par or even better story wise in my opinion. Overall, each season will take you between 8 to 12 hours to complete and I found them a great experience over all.

Number 6 – Bugsnax

Bugsnax was another PS Plus title from December of 2020 for PS5 owners, but again, there is a PS4 version available. This game may look childish at first, but it actually hides a really mature story underneath the surface, all you need to do is to pay attention to it. For this game you need to catch all the different Bugsnax and complete all the side quests, which should take you no more then 15 hours and there is only one trophy to keep an eye out for, so I would recommend to finish all the side quest before finishing the story. Other then that it’s a good time and a fun platinum experience.

Number 5 – Control

Control is yet another PS Plus title from February of 2021, which just comes to show how great Sony was with their recent PS Plus games. This one has both PS4 and native PS5 versions and is made by Remedy, the creators of Alan Wake and the original Max Payne. Now, the story can be a bit convoluted and is not for everyone, but even if you don’t like or understand the story, which to be fair I still not fully understand, this game has the best combat system I had a pleasure to play with. It feels fluid and the combination of gun play and super natural abilities was very refreshing. Now, when you look at the guide you may notice that it says that the difficulty is around 4/10, but no worries, a recent patch added an accessibility mode that you can use if you are struggling to make it an easy 2/10. After completing the story, finishing a couple of kill related trophies and finding collectibles, which by the way you won’t even need a guide for, since they are in plain sight and you need to less than half of them, you will add a great AAA platinum to your collection. Overall, it should take you only around 20 hours.

Number 4 – A Way Out

A Way Out is a co-op only game made by Hazelight Studios. You will need a partner for this one, since no online pairing system is available. You can either invite one of your friends with a friend pass, play it on local split screen or create a gaming session on PSNProfiles. The game has a great story and a fun trophy list, that consist of mostly miscellaneous chapter related trophies, but because you have chapter select nothing is missable and you can get a platinum trophy in this game in just around 8 hours.

Number 3 – Life is Strange 2

Now I picked Life is Strange 2 and not the original because I actually think that the second game is better. The story is very emotional and it hit really close to home for me. The narrative talks about family and what it means and teaches you the meaning of sacrifice, and I am going to be honest, I was actually crying in the end of it. Because I am a big sucker for story driven games, this game was an easy pick to be in my top 3.

As for a platinum, you need to find all the collectibles and finish the game, which should take you around 15 hours. You have access to chapter select and you can skip dialog when replaying a chapter you already finished, so getting collectibles after finishing the game is a breeze.

Number 2 – Astro’s Playroom

If you own a PS5 or planning on getting one later, you own yourself to play Astro’s Playroom, that you actually get for free pre-installed with every single PS5. The game itself is a fun platformer and is filled with PlayStation nostalgia. Other thing this game does great is shows off the capabilities of a Dualsence controller. The trophy list is easy and the hardest trophies, the speedruns, are actually a DLC, so everyone can get this platinum trophy in about 5-6 hours and have a great time while doing so.

Number 1 – Spider-Man Miles Morales

I wasn’t sure what games will be on this list and in what order, prior to debating it with myself, but the moment I decided that I want to make this video it was clear to me that in the number 1 spot will be saved for Spider-Man Miles Morales. Now, we can debate about a price of this game, but it’s not what this list is about. This platinum experience will take you around 15 to 20 hours and I had so much fun with it I actually did it twice.

The story is short, but it gives you enough to really care for the characters, combat and swinging are as great as they ever been and they feel different enough from Spider-Man PS4. For a platinum you need to get 100% completion, some combat related trophies, that are easy enough, and complete a New Game +, which should take around 4 hours on its own.

I really hope I helped you to find another platinum trophy to add to your collection. If you have your own list, feel free to write it down in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading and have a good one!

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