Platinum Review – Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Hello everyone and welcome to my platinum review of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard.

I figured that just before the launch of Resident Evil Village would be a perfect time to talk about its predecessor.

In this article I will give you my opinion about the game, talk about the in-game mechanics, roadmap to platinum trophy and give you my thoughts on the trophy list to hopefully help you decide if you want to go ahead and earn a platinum trophy in this amazing game.

So, without further ado, lets dive right in!

Thoughts on the Game

You might feel discouraged to try the 7th game in the series if you haven’t played the previous entries, but I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t have any issues starting your journey with Resident Evil franchise from this game.

We are following Ethan Winters, a new character in the series, who went to a farm in Louisiana looking for his wife Mia, who has been missing for the last 3 years. Upon arriving, he meets the Bakers family who, let’s just say, not very friendly.

Throughout the game you will discover what happed to the Bakers and your wife as you try to escape alive from this deadly place. I found the story solid and engaging overall.

But of cause, this game wouldn’t work without the constant atmosphere of dread, and it does a great job of creating it. Traversing through the house will make you feel extremely claustrophobic and jumpy and the first-person point of view helps to really immerse you into the game.

As for the gameplay, this is a survival horror game and in Resident Evil 7 you will have lots of backtracking and puzzle solving as you gradually unlock new paths and gain access to new areas. You will find resources and key items you will need to solve puzzles by exploring, but because your inventory is limited you will have to do some hard choices, will you pick up this health item or bullets? Is it worth the risk to go back for an item you might need later or should you just move on? Personally, I like when a game makes you constantly evaluate your priorities and calculate risks, so big props to Capcom for that.

Roadmap and Trophy list

If you are interested in going for a platinum trophy in this game you will have to finish it at least 3 times, when one of those playthroughs has to be on the highest difficulty and another one has to be a speedrun.

So yes, this platinum is relatively hard but entirely doable for an average gamer with a little bit of effort.

For the first playthrough you should play on Normal while also finding all the collectibles and doing all the miscellaneous trophies. You will have to use a guide for the collectibles, and there are 74 of them in form of Coins, Documents, Video Tapes and Mr. Everywhere statues. They were not too overwhelming for me and most of them are not missable, since you can freely walk through the area until the late stages of the game, but a couple of them can be easily missed and that can potentially mean a 4th playthrough for you, so be careful. By the way, I said that you should play on normal because it will unlock an item called “The Secrets of Defense” that will help you on your Madhouse difficulty run, and since you should play the speedrun on Assisted this will minimize the amount of playthroughs necessary.

The miscellaneous trophies are mostly easy enough, just keep track of which trophies you should go for in every stage of the game, but I did have trouble with one of them – Fly Swatter. I don’t really want to go into that, as it will give away spoilers, but it did take me about 20 minutes worth of tries to get this one.

In the second playthrough you will do a speedrun, which is honestly not as bad as it sounds, as the timeframe you have, 4 hours, is forgiving and you can manually reload saves if you messed up, just make sure to save regularly. Also, on the speedrun you should try to go for other two missable trophies that require you to finish the game using only 3 healing items or less and opening an Item Box no more than 3 times.

It’s not hard at all to finish the game without using healing items, since on assisted you take less damage and your health partially regenerates, not by much though, just enough to survive. Combine it with the fact that your health regenerates all the way in most of major cutscenes and you should be good. To be fair, there was one boss fight that I struggled with, because I wanted to finish the game without using healing items at all, so I was pretty low going in and refused to heal, but this one is on me and my stubbornness.

Not using item boxes more than 3 times is a bit trickier, because you are forced to use them in one point of the game, so no room for error there. You will have to be very precise with your inventory management, although there is a small workaround. If you die in a boss fight a few times you will be offered to arrange your inventory and it won’t count for an item box use, but I would recommend against using this method, especially on a speedrun because pressing continue instead of manually reloading a save file adds to your time. What makes it even harder is your muscle memory of opening item boxes when entering a safe room, so keep track of your item box and healing items usage in the statistics tab and reload saves if you made a mistake. Beating the speedrun will grant you access to Circular Saw, weapon that will make the next stage considerably easier.

The last thing you should do in your speedrun is to go for the second ending. In one point of the game, you will have to make a choice. Just make sure to make an opposite one this time around to get an alternative ending.

The 3rd playthrough on the Madhouse difficulty is going to be by far the hardest step in this platinum journey. You die quicker, the enemy spawns are different and in order to save your progress you have to use tapes you find throughout the game, so you can’t save whenever you want. There are a couple of autosave throughout the game though, just not nearly as much as on the easier difficulties. In my personal experience I really struggled in the beginning, but after a few hours I got used to it and began making progress. The hardest part for me was one of the boss fight two thirds of the way in, and it took me around an hour to actually beat this section, but it was a smooth sailing after that. If you are persistent, you can get beat it.

Another thing to keep in mind, there is a different set of coins on Madhouse difficulty, and just like in your first run, you will have to collect all of them. It’s very important to pay attention while playing, because if you die you will have to collect all the coins you already collected since the previous save, so check your stats regularly and use a guide to make sure that you have all the coins you should until this point. Trust me, you do not want to have to replay the game on Madhouse again because you missed one coin.

Regardless, I found this difficulty fun after getting a hang of it, but not going to lie, the first couple of hours were brutal.

Overall, the trophy list was enjoyable, challenging and forced me to change my playstyle, which is a good thing in my opinion. Difficulty wise, it is on the harder side, but still reasonable, you don’t have to be a “pro gamer” to be able to beat it. Collectibles can be annoying, but if you keep track of them and have a couple of manual saves you can go back to in case you messed up you should be fine. Speedrun is reasonable, especially if you follow along someone else’s run, so you won’t need too much skill to beat it. I enjoy speedrunning trophies so it was an icing on the cake for me.


Now for the main question, should you go for a platinum trophy in this game?

I think it depends. If you like Resident Evil or, for that matter, survival horror games and don’t mind a bit of challenge you should go for it. Getting this platinum feel rewarding, since you need to actually work reasonably hard for it.

On the other hand, I know that the requirement to speedrun the game and to finish it on the highest difficulty while also looking for collectibles can be a deal breaker for some of you, and that’s ok.

Regardless, this is a great game that deserves to be played, so if you like this genre and haven’t played it yet you most definitely should.

Trophy Guide for the game.


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