Platinum Review – Resident Evil Village

Hello and welcome to platinum review, a series where we talk about some amazing games, break down the roadmap to platinum trophy and I share with you my thoughts on whether you should or should not add another platinum trophy to your collection.

Now without further ado, let’s dive right in!

My thoughts about the Game

The game picks up 3 years after the events of Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village is a direct sequel to it, up to the main lead and the first-person perspective, so if you haven’t played RE7 yet I strongly encourage you to do so before starting this game.

The story is pretty solid in my opinion and I did like it, especially the ending, but I will not be spoiling it here, so if you haven’t played the game yet, you don’t have to worry.

It is more action oriented than RE7 but the atmosphere of dread is still there, shooting is a little faster but you are still encouraged to be slower and more methodical while working with the pistol.

Also, you have a great enemy variety, something that was a bit lacking in the previous game. You will encounter different creatures, armored enemies, mini bosses and bosses that will require a different approach, so it has a learning curve and it’s not just another mindless shooter.

As for the core mechanics, they do differ from previous Resident Evil games. Key items and crafting components you pick up no longer take up inventory slots and item boxes are not a thing any more, and I am going to be honest, I kind of missed them. That being said, all inventory system was reworked from the ground up and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just different.

You have inventory slots and everything you pick up will take up space, it can be ammo, guns, health kits etc. You will have to manually arrange them if you need to make space for more items and instead of storing unneeded items in item boxes they can be sold to the merchant – The Duke. By killing enemies, exploring your surroundings and trading you will get money, Lei, that can be used to expand your inventory, upgrade your weapons or get more supplies, like ammo, pipe bombs, med kits, crafting recipes and more.

You are also encouraged to do hunting and bring the meat to the Duke to get permanent upgrades, similar to adrenaline shots in RE7.

Another new thing that was introduced was a proper New Game Plus mode. After finishing the game, you can create a save game data and by loading it you can create a New Game Plus that will keep all your inventory, money and upgrades you had on you when you finished the game.

From the technical perspective the game is gorgeous on PS5 and it runs very smooth. There is some texture popping that I did notice, but it didn’t happen very often and wasn’t intrusive so I didn’t really mind it. More importantly is that in my 55 hours I spent in this game I haven’t experienced a single game breaking bug and everything worked great day 1, something that unfortunately we can’t really take for granted these days.

As for the PS4 version, I did play it for a couple of hours on my second account and there are a couple of differences. First of all, Resident Evil Village looks worse on it, and that is understandable, since it doesn’t have Ray Tracing support and you can see that they use lower quality textures. Loading times are not bad but they are present, unlike PS5 that loads almost instantly, I even had a loading screen once in the middle of the castle because I was running too fast. It was for just about a second but it did break the immersion for me. Performance is pretty good and its definitely enjoyable experience, on PS4 Pro you can even choose between 4K30 and 1080P60 and I didn’t experience any major dips while playing normally. Another big difference is the adaptive triggers on PS5, feature that I honestly really like and I did finish all my story playthroughs with them on, but I will definitely recommend turning them off for the Mercenaries mode, but I’ll get to it later. I would say that if you don’t own a PS5 yet don’t be discouraged, as PS4 version is really decent.

Overall, I did enjoy it and as a Resident Evil fan I found it a worthy sequel that makes itself stand out from the previous entries but still true to its origins. I would absolutely recommend playing it if you like Resident Evil games or survival horror genre in general.

Roadmap & Trophy List

You will have to go out of your way if you want a platinum trophy in this game, but the structure will be familiar to you if you did platinum the previous entries.

If you want to cut down on play time you can start your first playthrough on casual and follow a guide to find all the collectibles and miscellaneous trophies along the way. There is no chapter select so some of them are missable, but you have 20 manual save slots, just use them strategically. The collectibles consist of documents, goat figures, weapons, weapon parts, crafting recipes, outhouses and castle windows. All of them except outhouses and castle windows carry over to New Game Plus, so if you missed something just pick it up on your second playthrough. As for money, you should invest it in inventory upgrades and probably nothing else, as weapon upgrades are really not necessary on casual or even regular difficulty and you will need that money later. I would also recommend to kill all the animals since you can use their meat for upgrades and they come a long way to make your life easier on your last playthrough.

Now, next stage might sound rough but it should be a sub 3 hours knife only speedrun while also not using more than 4 healing items and not spending more than 10,000 Lei. Obviously, you can make it easier for yourself and do all that in different playthroughs but it’s really not as bad as it sounds and most of the people I talked with, me included, did pull this off on their first try. I would recommend to play on casual difficulty and buy Karambit knife from a bonus menu and then to pick it up from a merchant. This will make it substantially easier. One boss fight near the end of the game will test your patience because it takes around 10 minutes to kill him with a knife, but other than that you shouldn’t have any issues. I actually have my full speedrun broken down to objectives on my channel, so feel free to check it out if you stuck or unsure whether your time is good or not.

The last playthrough will be to finish the game on the highest difficulty – Village of Shadows. You should do it with an infinite ammo S.K.A.T.E Magnum which will make this stage reasonable. To unlock it you have to buy it from the merchant and fully upgrade it and then you should be able to purchase infinite ammo cheat from the bonus menu, and that’s what you will use your money you’ve been saving for. You will need around 2.1 million Lei for it, and you might not have enough at this point. If you don’t, you can start with an infinite ammo GL and switch to magnum in the middle of the game when you have enough. Also, before upgrading it make sure to make a manual save, so basically, make a manual save, upgrade your magnum buy an infinite ammo and reload the last save, and voila, you have infinite ammo without wasting all your money. Do make sure to upgrade the damage though as it will make a huge difference. Fully upgraded damage Magnum will one shot most of the enemies, while without upgrades enemies will take 2-3 shots and it can be a difference between life and death on this difficulty.

Now let’s talk about the differences between regular/casual and Village of Shadows difficulties. You will encounter more enemies in the same areas and they will be different at times, obviously not in your favor. Another huge difference is the enemy speed that really threw me off in the beginning, as they are very fast and you don’t have auto aim, so even hitting them might be a challenge for you. Of course, they also deal more damage and you will be in a critical condition immediately if you get grabbed and they have more health. With the magnum it’s not that bad, but my first hour was a steep and rough learning curve, with me being stuck for around 45 minutes in the first section. After figuring out a good approach it was fine for me except for a couple of difficulty spikes that I can’t really talk about because spoilers, but overall, it is doable.

I actually didn’t follow this structure and had my first playthrough on regular without looking for collectibles and miscellaneous trophies and without spending money to just enjoy the game, second on casual to get all the collectibles without using healing items, third one was a speedrun with all the requirements again, because I wanted to make a video out of it and the last playthrough was on Village of shadows difficulty. That way every one of my playthroughs was fun, different and challenging for me, but you obviously don’t have to do it like I did.

After finishing the last playthrough you will be able to buy the rest of the required weapons and recipes for around 1.6 million Lei, which is by the way the reason you should use a manual save and not spend all your money on the Magnum. With that done you will finish all the story related trophies and start with the hardest part of your platinum journey – Mercenaries mode which you can unlock after the beating the game for the first time through the Bonus menu.

Mercenaries is pretty much an arcade mode. You start with limited time and you need to kill enemies in quick succession for more points and time bonuses. Your goal is to finish all the stages with an S rank, which is not the highest one by the way. There are 8 stages in total and it’s technically 4 stages that have 2 variants each. The first 4 are not that hard and you should focus on learning the layout, pathing, enemy spawns and keeping your combo. The last 4 are identical but basically on Village of Shadows difficulty and you don’t have access to shotguns and the sniper rifle. I really struggled with stages 6 and 7 and this definitely will be a platinum breaker for a lot of people. You will need to find a strategy that works for you and you will have to actually get good and get lucky. I personally didn’t like the strategy suggested by PowerPix of using a knife and GL and used pistol and magnum instead, but it’s just a personal preference. I was stuck on stage 6 for 2 days, but after finally beating it, I was done with this mode withing a couple of hours and finally got my platinum trophy. I think you can have fun with it if you don’t focus on completion and scores, because in its core it is a really fun arcade mode, but I couldn’t really do it because I was focused on finishing the game and it was an obstacle in my way, but that one might be on me. One tip I can give you is, if you are on PS5 turn the adaptive triggers off for this mode, since it will allow you to shoot faster and it can make a difference.


So, should you go for a platinum trophy in this game?

If you have the patience and don’t mind putting in a lot of effort for the sake of completion, then go for it, because it was honestly one of the more satisfying platinum trophies I got recently.

On the other hand, the Mercenaries mode almost broke me and I was really frustrated at some point, which again, might be my fault, because it can be fun with the right mindset.

I would say that if you are more of a casual gamer, just enjoy the game, as it is really good in my opinion and if you discover that you are having fun playing Mersenaries mode than sure, you can attempt it, just know what you are getting yourself into.









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