Platinum Review – The Last of Us Remastered

Hello and welcome to Platinum Review, a series where we talk about some amazing games, break down the roadmap to platinum trophy and I share with you my opinion whether you should add this platinum trophy to your collection.

Now without further ado, let’s dive right in!

My Thoughts About the Game

I have to start talking about this game from a personal perspective, so I am going to say it right away, The Last of Us is my favorite game of all time. When it first came out, I didn’t even own a PlayStation console and couldn’t play it. So back than I actually opted for watching PewDiePie’s Let’s play, which by the way, is how I actually found out about it.

The thing is, I felt so connected to the story and characters it wasn’t enough for me to just watch someone else play it, I had to experience it for myself, even though I already knew how the story unfolds. I apparently was so passionate about it that my girlfriend at the time actually got me a PS3 for my birthday in late 2013, which was my first ever console. And of course, the first game I played on it was The Last of Us. Before, even though I was gaming here and there, I saw video games as more of a shut your brain off and just have fun, so this one literally changed my perception of video games as a whole medium and I will be forever thankful to Naughty Dog for that.

In a gameplay department the game still holds despite its age. Combat is brutal and you actually have to assess your approach to each encounter, running and gunning is not a viable option most of the time, unless you play on easy of course, which by the way, you really shouldn’t.

Visually speaking the game is starting to show its age but honestly it doesn’t matter too much, not to me at least. Also, I have to acknowledge the master piece of a soundtrack made for this game, just incredible.

From a technical perspective, if you play it on PS4 you will get a full 1080p 60 fps smooth experience. I played it on PS5 as well, but honestly didn’t notice any difference. By the way, the latest patch actually fixed loading times on both consoles and now they are almost gone, even on PS4. So yes, great experience over all.

Obviously, the game is not perfect, nothing is, it has some issues with AI that can be a bit weird at times. Also, when you are doing stealth, your partner can just run in full view of the enemies and they won’t care. Of course, it’s a good thing and I can imagine it was done to save you a lot of frustration, so I am fully on board with that decision, it just can be immersion breaking, that’s all.

The game has an online multiplayer mode and it’s really fun, but you will need to spend a lot of time there and in 2021 it’s not really populated. Sure, you can still find matches, but it really depends on day of the week and time, so you might want to find a group to play it with. I will give you a detailed explanation on the multiplayer mode and on how to boost it later in the article, so stay tuned.

Overall, if you haven’t played The Last of Us yet, do yourself a favor and play it, because you are missing out on one of the best, if not the best, story in the whole video game industry.

Roadmap & Trophy List

After getting into trophy hunting during the pandemic I knew that if there is any game I have to get a platinum trophy in, it’s going to be this one and the roadmap is actually surprisingly straight forward.

You will have to do a first playthrough on any difficulty you want while also finding all the collectibles. I would probably recommend you to play on Hard difficulty for your first time though. On hard you will have to be more careful and calculated than on normal, so the game will feel much more like Survival Horror game and not Action Adventure, and this is much better in my opinion. Also, on hard you still have listening mode, a useful tool that allows Joel to hear through walls to pin point the location of the enemies which will make this playthrough a lot easier than the next one.

As for collectibles, you will need to find all the documents, comics, firefly pendants, training manuals, shiv doors, optional conversations and listen to all Ellie’s jokes. The collectibles count is 196 in total. At least you can keep track of them through the chapter select menu, that will tell you what you are missing in each chapter.

Now, trust me, I know what it sounds like, but it’s really not that bad. The only type of collectible that I found boring was the Firefly pendants and there are just 30 of them.

Documents are great to read because of the backstory and world building they provide, comic books give you with additional dialogue, training manuals unlock additional upgrades, shiv doors provide you with more resources you will need throughout your journey and optional conversation and jokes are actually my favorite collectibles in this game because they flesh out the characters even more.

In addition, you will have to keep an eye for supplements and parts. Supplements are basically pills, that are used to upgrade abilities and they are found throughout the game. There is not enough of them to fully upgrade your abilities in one playthrough, but the next stage is New Game Plus anyway and the abilities carry over, just make sure to scavenge as much as you can. After collecting enough of them and fully upgrading your abilities you will unlock a trophy for it. As for parts, basically the same deal as with pills, but they are used to upgrade your weapons on the crafting tables you will find, just pay attention to them.

The next stage will be to finish a New Game Plus on Survivor or Grounded difficulty. Originally you are not supposed to be able to play a New Game Plus on a difficulty you haven’t finished the game on previously, but there is a workaround for that. After starting a New Game Plus on any difficulty and finishing the prologue you can quit and chapter select the intro again, but this time around just pick either Survivor or Grounded. After completing the New Game Plus you will unlock all difficulty related trophies.

Now let’s talk about Survivor and Grounded modes. They are challenging but fair in my opinion, with Grounded being the harder one, but it’s not needed for a platinum trophy. On either of them you don’t have listening mode to help you out and on grounded you don’t have a HUD altogether. Also, the enemies deal more damage to you, twice the regular amount on Survivor and 3 times that much on Grounded.

You should focus on stealth and melee combat. Bricks and bottles will become your best friend, because they allow you to stun the enemy and finish them quickly with melee and they are also easily found everywhere.

I have almost a full series of my Grounded mode playthrough on my channel where I unsuccessfully attempted to finish the game without taking damage and using the minimum amount of ammo, so if you are struggling check them out.


The last step should be the multiplayer, and it’s the reason it took me a while to actually start working on my platinum trophy.

The multiplayer has its own little mini game, where you have a camp of survivors and you have to get resources for them by killing players, winning matches and scavenging. If you don’t have enough resources, they will get sick and eventually die. Your goal is to keep at least one of them alive for 12 weeks. Twice. Once as a Firefly and once as Hunter, therefore it’s called factions.

Each match is one day, so you have to finish 168 matches, not an easy or quick task by any means. Twice a week you will get a mission opportunity and by completing it you will either gain population or prevent losing it and you have 3 matches to complete the mission you picked. You can select your missions freely from available list, but you can’t really choose the same one over and over again, since with each completion the requirement will get higher for the next time. Throughout the 12 weeks journey there will be 5 times when if you fail the mission you chose, you will lose all your population and it will reset your progress, so you will have to start over. Definitely save the easiest missions for those ones.

By the way, if you messed up and you see that you won’t be able to finish the mission, you can quit in the middle of the match by closing the game entirely and it won’t count against you, that way you will be able to try again in a different match.

There are methods of match skipping by joining the game and immediately quitting to main menu but honestly it can be a little risky and not fun for people you will get matched with, so I didn’t do it, but if you know how to do it safely, go ahead.

What I did do instead is joined a boosting session on PSNProfiles and played with a great group of guys, and some of them even became my friends.

If you have 8 people in a session you can split into 2 parties of 4, just make sure that the party leaders are from the same region, and start searching for a game in the same time. Quickest game mode is interrogation. After you get matched with each other start trading wins as quickly as possible, while also letting the players that have 100% risk missions get them done. You should skip all the other ones, because they don’t matter. By winning every other game you will have more than enough parts to keep your population alive even if you ignore everything else. By the way, unless you quit, you will play against the same party over and over again, so even if it takes a while to get matched, you only need to do it once. Important tip though, make sure to move constantly when you in game, otherwise you will be kicked for inactivity and you can’t join back, so the both parties will have to quit and do the whole process again for you to be able to join, so be careful.

By the way, if you are already boosting, you might as well get the DLC trophies out of the way. They just require you to down 5 players on each one of the DLC maps, and you will probably play on every map anyway, so you won’t go too much out of your way.

There are a couple more miscellaneous trophies that require you to win a match of each type once, and play each game mode on one of the DLC maps, but this really shouldn’t be a problem, just play until you get it. I got all the miscellaneous multiplayer trophies from the main game and DLC’s within a couple of hours by just playing normally.

Keep in mind though, depending on who you playing with it could be either fun experience to meet new people, like I had, or a grindy one. Regardless, it will take you around 20-30 hours to finish.


So, should you go for a platinum trophy in this game?

Yes and no. You should go for 100% completion of the single player part in my opinion, because the game deserves it and you are rewarded for doing so, and yes, the game is challenging on survivor difficulty, but if you don’t rush in you will be fine, even if it takes a few tries.

For the multiplayer it depends. If you don’t mind going an extra mile, then yes, by all means, go for it. Like I said, it can be an enjoyable experience, but it can also be boring and time consuming. My advice is to try it out and decide if you are willing to sink more than 20 hours into it.









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