Uncharted Lost Legacy | Platinum Review & Roadmap

To get the platinum trophy in this game you have to finish it on the highest difficulty, but how hard is it really? Let’s break it down.

Hello and welcome to platinum review, a series where we talk about some amazing games, breakdown the roadmap to platinum trophy and I share with you my thoughts on whether you should add another platinum trophy to your collection.

My Thoughts About Uncharted Lost Legacy

In this weeks we will be talking about the only game in Uncharted series that doesn’t feature Nathen Drake.

First of all, let’s talk about the game itself, and the one thing I want to get out of the way first is, the gameplay is pretty much the same as it was in Uncharted 4, and that makes a lot of sense, since it actually started out as a DLC for it, before becoming a standalone game.

We are following Chloe Frazer from Uncharted 2 and Nadine Ross from Uncharted 4, as they team up to find the Tusk of Ganesh in the lost city in the heart of India, and of course, in Uncharted fashion, they are not the only ones going after it.

I was pleasantly surprised by the story, as I wasn’t too optimistic that this dynamic duo will be enough to carry this game, but they definitely are. There is decent amount of humor, which I am not going to showing in this video, because I don’t want you comparing it to mine, and there is a lot of character development, as their relationship progresses and evolves throughout the story.

The gameplay consists of shooting sections, climbing, puzzles and it wouldn’t be an Uncharted game without some big-scale action sequences.

Shooting is pretty standard for a 3rd person action game, that being said, standard doesn’t necessarily means bad, it just means that it will feel familiar. Usually, you have the option to pick a stealthy approach in some of the sections, but it really depends on what difficulty you are playing at. On normal, stealth is pretty easy, but you don’t really need to use it, as you will be able to dispatch your enemies to the afterlife without too much trouble by going in loud, and it will even save you some time. On the other hand, when you play on Crushing, stealth is an extremely useful tool, but it’s harder to execute, because your enemies are hawk-eyed and will spot you almost immediately if you are not careful.

A new mechanic that the game introduced is a use of silenced weapons and they were my saving grace on my Crushing playthrough. The thing is, like in all previous Uncharted games, you can only pick up one gun and one two handed weapon, so it led me to making pretty hard choices. Should I pick up this silenced pistol with only 6 bullets or this loud gun with 40 bullets, that will help me get out of a pickle if I mess up my stealth? And you know what? I absolutely loved it! I feel that it makes you more involved and adds to realism, because we are playing as Chloe, who is despite being a bad ass is not a S.W.A.T soldier, who can carry two pistols and a shotgun in one hand and a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher in the other one.

Another hard choice I had to make was regarding sniper rifles. They were amazing in picking off enemies from far away, but absolutely useless in fire fights, so I always had to assess the situation to decide on whether I should pick it up or not.

As for the climbing sections, they are as fluid as they were in Uncharted 4, you usually know where you need to go and your route is conveniently painted white and yellow, but that is something all games do to help you out, so I didn’t really mind that.

Puzzles are fun and I did like the fact that they weren’t too obvious most of the time. I do appreciate when a game doesn’t treat me like a child and lets me figure things on my own.

Oh, and the action sequences are epic, but you knew that already, you saw the title of the game.

Last thing to note, Lost Legacy is shorter than the previous Uncharted games and you should be able to realistically finish the story in around 12 hours, unless you are like me of course, and decided to do your first playthrough on Crushing difficulty, while also being bad at 3rd person shooters. Then it might take you around 20. Overall, I would recommend this game to anyone who likes Uncharted series or 3rd person action-adventure games in general, and with it being currently sold for only $20 and going as low as $8 from time to time, it’s definitely a great buy.

Roadmap & Trophy List

The platinum trophy in this game is the easiest one in the whole Uncharted series.

You will have to go out of your way for most of the trophies though, and I am fine with that. Actually, you can go as far as finishing the whole game and unlocking just one trophy, although it’s very unlikely.

You can technically get a platinum trophy in one playthrough with a small clean-up, which is what I did, but you really shouldn’t do that. Let me explain.

In order to finish it in one playthrough you will have to completely ruin your experience, because that means playing it on Crushing while also following a collectible guide, and continuing the Legacy of previous Uncharted games, they added way too many useless collectibles here as well. Yes, there is an item you can, and will need to unlock that will help you find them, but it will still ruin the experience for you, like it did for me. I mean, to be fair, not all collectibles are boring, there are still optional conversations that I really like, but treasures are a nuisance as always.

By the way, you can clean up collectibles you missed with a chapter select anyway, so it’s really better to just enjoy the game on your first playthrough.

The second reason is, after finishing the game for the first time you will get access to infinite ammo weapons and they will make the Crushing difficulty playthrough a cake walk. Now, to be fair, they are not necessary, and if you don’t mind the challenge, you should play without them, as it makes you re-evaluate your approach and play much more strategically, something that I did enjoy. But keep in mind, playing on this difficulty without infinite weapons is not a joke, and there were a couple of encounters that took me more than an hour to get through. Yeah, really. I told you I am not an epic gamer I try to portrait myself on this channel.

I would say that even if you want to challenge yourself and play on crushing first, don’t ruin this game for yourself, it deserves better than that, just do a collectible run on your second playthrough, because you will need to replay about a third of the game again anyway for “The Way of the Warrior” trophy, which I would go as far as to say is impossible to do on Crushing difficulty.

Speaking of “The Way of the Warrior”, it is the only missable trophy in the game, and you will unlock it for making it all the way to chapter 5 without using any guns and explosives. And what I mean is not just not using them for damaging enemies, I mean not shooting a single bullet or using explosives at all, which if you accidentally do, will void this trophy. I have to say, going for this one is pretty fun, as you will find yourself as Chloe charging into a battle against a whole army of guys with automatics weapons, taking bullets like a champ and beating everybody to death fists only. Honestly if I was one of them, I would probably run away from such a scene in panic. By the way, when capturing footage for this video I managed to pull this off on normal difficulty, without dying once. Ok, ok, I am lying, I might’ve died 5 times but only because I was disregarding stealth, charging in and I was playing on normal and not explorer difficulty. Honestly, it’s much easier than it sounds.

Couple of things to keep in mind though, you will have to start a brand-new game and choose not to carry over your statistics, and obviously make sure that it your stats tab is actually empty upon starting a new game, and you can always make sure you didn’t mess it up in the same stats tab.

Also, I would advise you to back up your save to a thumb drive or cloud from time to time, just in case that you accidently fire your gun, so you won’t need to start all the way from the beginning of the game. I would say, while playing, just take off your fingers of R2/L2 buttons and you should be fine.

The only other trophy worth mentioning is “Best Driver in the Business”, which is a throwback to Uncharted 2 by the way. In chapter 4 you will be exploring a pretty big open area and have a vehicle to your disposal. You will need to drive between two locations, that are on the opposite sides of the map, because of course they are, and back in under 3 minutes.

It did take me a few attempts, and when I say a few, I mean about half an hour worth of attempts, to finally pop this one, but honestly you will just need a bit of practice and you’ll get it, it’s really not that hard. When going for it the second time for the sake of this video I did it on my second try. You can even make it easier for yourself by using slow motion from the cheats menu, although it will make it far less enjoyable.

All the other trophies are just miscellaneous things that you can easily get with chapter select, so I wouldn’t stress too much about them.

Overall, I would say that most people should be able to get this platinum trophy in around 30 hours or so and with just a bit of effort.


So, should you platinum Uncharted Lost Legacy?

Well, if you like Uncharted games, then the answer is definitely yes. This game is fun and the platinum trophy is reasonable with a bit of challenge, but it’s not as hard as it looks on first glance.


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